Retrieve data from kintone via its API. kintone is an enterprise application platform.


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To use kintone API, kntnr needs the following environmental variables.

  • KNTN_URL: kintone URL
  • KNTN_AUTH_TYPE: authentication type (password or token)
  • KNTN_AUTH: API token or BASE64 encoded login name and password

kntn_set_auth() sets these environmental variables interactively.

To set another information, run kntn_set_auth() with overwrite = TRUE.

Or, unset the environmental variables by kntn_unset_auth().

For non-interactive use

You can define the environmental variables in .Renviron, which is loaded at the start of an R session. For more information, see ?Startup.

Record API

kntn_record() gets a single record from the specified kintone application. kntn_records() retrieves multiple records at once. If the number of records is more than records_per_request (the default is 100), kntn_records() automatically splits the request into smaller subrequests.

Some types like SUBTABLE are converted as nested data.frame. You can unnest them by using kntn_unnest().

File API

kntn_file() gets a file from kintone API and try to parse it with httr::content(). If you want to parse it by yourself, specify as = "raw" or as = "text".